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Tour Dates

Livewire Youth Music Project

Livewire Youth Music Project, Cornwall

This show is sold out. All profits from this show go to Livewire – a registered charity supporting young people through music and creativity.


O2 Academy

O2 Academy, Bristol


Great Hall

Great Hall, Cardiff


O2 Academy

O2 Academy, Birmingham


Rock City

Rock City, Nottingham

2020/21 tickets will be valid for this date.


Concert Hall

Concert Hall, Troon

2020/21 tickets will be valid for this date.



Barrowland, Glasgow

2020/21 tickets will be valid for this date. This show is sold out.


City Hall

City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne

2020/21 tickets will be valid for this event.


O2 Academy

O2 Academy, Leeds

2020/21 tickets will be valid for this date.



Roadmender, Northampton

2020/21 tickets will be valid for this event.


02 Academy

02 Academy, Bournemouth

2020/21 tickets for the Portsmouth gig will be valid for this event.



Academy, Manchester

2020/21 tickets will be valid for this date.



Roundhouse, London

w/The Professionals, T.V. Smith, and special guests: Neville Staple Band. 2020/21 tickets will be valid for this date.

HRH Punk 3 Festival

02 Academy, Sheffield

October 1 & 2, 2022 sith appearances from: Stiff Little Fingers || THE BOYS || Cockney Rejects || GBH || Chelsea Punk band (Official) || The Toasters NYC SKA || Ed Tudor Pole || Borrowed Time || Guitar Gangsters || Menace77 || Ambition Demolition || The Webb || Rotunda || FACE UP || The Guillotines || Suckerpunch4 || The Fish Mittens || No Murder No Moustache || Stepford Wives || The Dinz

SLF News

New Release: Stiff Little Fingers Live at Rockpalast 1980 & 1989 

New Stiff Little Fingers live CD/DVD set out now: Live at Rockpalast. Comprised of three discs, “Live at Rockpalast 1980 & 1989” – the first two discs are audio-only, featuring the band's 1980 and 1989 performances, while the third disc is a DVD of the group’s classic 1980 appearance on Germany’s long-running music show.

Jake Burns remembers, "The place was packed and the audience was with us from the first note. They were wonderful, singing and bouncing along. It really felt like a 'home game' to use a football analogy. I thought we played really well too, apart from a slight timing mistake during "Back to Front", a new song we were still learning. (See if you can spot my giving Jim the "look of death" at that point! LOL!)."

Previously available only as a lesser-quality bootleg, this is the earliest official video release of a full Stiff Little Fingers concert. 

The CD/DVD is available on Amazon and other musical outlets. The streaming version is available on your usual streaming apps. View the trailer now on YouTube, and enjoy! 


Update: SLF upcoming March U.K. Tour postponed to 2022, details below 

The news we were expecting to hear but hoping somehow we wouldn't has arrived. We've had to postpone the U.K. tour, again due to the pandemic. Obviously, compared to the bad news a lot of people have received over the last year or so this is a drop in the ocean, and our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones or suffered in some other way as a result of this terrible virus. 

With regard to the tour, we have moved as many of the shows as we could back a year, and as was the case with the initial move ALL tickets for the original shows remain valid. Our friends The Professionals, TV Smith, & Neville Staple are staying with us for these new dates. However, there are some changes. See the new dates, details, and ticket links for each gig on the homepage of

Firstly, the Newcastle date is moving from the O2 Academy to the City Hall. This is at the request of the promoter. We have played the City Hall in the past and it's a venue that holds a special place in our hearts (especially for myself and Ian). The seats will be removed from the ground floor and, as the capacity is slightly larger, there will be a few more tickets available for what was previously a sold-out show. 

Secondly, Portsmouth Pyramid Centre is not available for us in March 2022, so we're moving the show to the Bournemouth O2 Academy. Portsmouth tickets will be valid for that show, but obviously, refunds will be available if it's not a journey you care to make. 

Once again, thank you all for, as always, sticking with us. We are always amazed at your patience, good humour, and tolerance. And many thanks to the promoters, agents, and management who have worked so hard to move these dates around through nobody’s fault.  And thanks also to our friends The Professionals, TV Smith & Neville Staple for staying with us till 2022. Stay Healthy and hope to see everyone soon.

Hoping for a 2021 that is finally served loud!  All the best, Jake, on behalf of Stiff Little Fingers


Rebellion rebooked for 2022! 

Following the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 Rebellion fest, we will be appearing at the 2022 festival. Great line-up!

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